Vibrational Healing

Everything within our universe has a frequency of vibrations, from the invisible high frequencies of light and sound waves through to the molecules of denser objects that we can observe since they vibrate at a much slower rate.

Guided Vibrational Healing is quite simply…using the vibrational frequencies of crystals, essences, colours, aromatherapy oils, homeopathic remedies etc. I intuitively, select whichever tools I am guided to use, the intention then is to unlock and transform blocked energy patterns, clearing and strengthening the energy system.

By connecting with an individual and working together we jointly create a space where potential changes for that person can be set into motion; changes that can be accepted on all levels of physical, emotional or spiritual aspects, in whatever way is right for that person at that time.

My belief is that our ability to heal is within ourselves, my role as a 'healer' is to hold a vibrational space that promotes change and empowers you in your own healing.

The sessions are always interesting, often deeply moving and positive.

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